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It is common to be excited and overwhelmed as dads-to-be when entering parenthood. Deciding to have a surrogate involves asking a lot of questions and planning. It’s one thing to find a surrogacy clinic and start the process. It’s another to understand what it includes and how to make sure you get the support you need for your situation. Below are questions most often asked by hopeful gay dads-to-be about surrogacy and what to consider when moving forward with the process.

What Is the Surrogacy Process?

The surrogacy process begins at a surrogacy clinic. The process has several steps, including choosing an egg donor and surrogate, completing the IVF process, confirming the pregnancy, and finally bringing home your baby.

What Medical Tests Are Required for IVF?

Bloodwork may be required before IVF procedures for semen collection. A physical exam may also be required by your primary doctor. You may also be required to meet with a licensed specialist or genetic counselor before IVF procedures begin.

How Are Potential Surrogates Screened?

A screening may include a mental and physical health review of the potential surrogate. This may include psychological counseling to ensure they understand the process they are committing to. When learning about the process, you’ll also learn about the surrogate mother pay rate and the significance of choosing the right person to be a part of your journey.

How Long Is the Surrogacy Process?

Completing the process varies depending on your situation. On average, it can take 15 to 18 months. For example, surrogate screening and the legal process that comes with it could take 45 to 60 days, and the IVF procedure could take 60 to 90 days.

How To Choose Whose Sperm To Use

Sperm from both partners can be used and split between the eggs. You could also choose one partner to be a donor based on biological fitness or personal preference.

How To Choose a Surrogate

You can choose someone you know, such as a friend, or a family member to be a surrogate, or you can work with a surrogacy agency who can help you select a suitable surrogate.

What Costs Are Associated With Surrogacy?

The costs of surrogacy, including IVF treatment, surrogate mother pay, legal fees, and other expenses, vary. If you qualify, financial assistance may be available for dads-to-be pursuing surrogacy. This includes grants and loans provided by advocacy groups that support gay surrogacy.

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