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Surrogate Mother Qualifications

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Who Can Become a Surrogate?

Becoming a surrogate is a life-changing decision that requires commitment and a deep sense of compassion. If you feel a calling to help others experience the joy of parenthood, you could be an ideal candidate for surrogacy.

Individuals must meet the following requirements to become a surrogate:

  • Be a U.S citizen or a U.S. permanent resident
  • Be a female between 21 – 38 years old
  • Have a good pregnancy history
  • Have a body mass index (BMI) under 30
  • Lead a healthy and stable lifestyle

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Surrogate Mother Requirements

#1: Be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

Aspiring surrogates must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. This requirement ensures that surrogates can legally and comfortably participate in the surrogacy process within the supportive structure of U.S. healthcare. It simplifies legal considerations and helps create an environment of trust and security, enabling the surrogate to focus on the beautiful journey ahead.

Surrogates must also live within states that do not prohibit surrogacy. If your state is labeled “Permitted” or “Proceed with caution” on our map, you are eligible to be a surrogate with Joy of Life®.

States where surrogacy is legal
Surrogate mother talking to a doctor

#2: Be a Female Between 21 – 38 Years Old

Surrogacy is a journey of the heart, mind and body, demanding maturity, strength and dedication. We require our surrogates to be between the ages of 21 and 38 in order to undertake that journey.

This age range maximizes the chances of a healthy pregnancy and reduces potential health risks. It also ensures that our surrogates are emotionally mature and ready to embark on this meaningful journey, providing a nurturing environment for the child they will carry.

#3: Have a Good Pregnancy History

We deeply value the health and well-being of our surrogates and the precious lives they carry. We ask that our surrogates have a successful pregnancy history with no more than two c-sections or five deliveries.

This reassures us that they are physically capable of nurturing a pregnancy to term, minimizing any potential complications. It provides comfort to intended parents, too, who can trust that their child is in the care of someone who has navigated the path of pregnancy with grace and success before.

Mother and son touching pregnant belly doing heart shape with hands
Doctor using stethoscope to listen to baby bump

#4: Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) Under 30

A healthy body fosters a healthy pregnancy. That’s why we require our surrogate mothers to have a BMI of less than 30, indicating a healthy weight relative to height. This measure reduces potential risks during pregnancy and childbirth, contributing to the surrogate’s well-being and the successful outcome of the pregnancy.

#5: Lead a Healthy and Stable Lifestyle

Surrogates must embrace a healthy, stable lifestyle. This involves abstaining from smoking and drug use, as these habits can significantly impact the health of the baby and pregnancy outcome. Regular physical activity and a balanced diet are vital for a successful pregnancy and overall well-being.

Mental resilience and good physical health are crucial since surrogacy requires emotional strength and physical endurance. As part of this commitment, surrogates agree to undergo psychological, drug and criminal screenings. These measures help ensure a surrogate’s readiness for the journey.

Pregnant women doing stretches

Preview the Process: Becoming a Surrogate

Prospective surrogate meeting with doctor to discuss medical history


  1. Complete an Online Application: Begin your journey by filling out our comprehensive online application.
  2. Interview With Us: Schedule an interview to address any questions and to help us understand your motivations for becoming a surrogate.
  3. Review Intended Parents’ Profiles: Browse through profiles of intended parents to identify a potential match.
  4. Meet With Intended Parents: Arrange a meeting with potential intended parents to ensure compatibility and shared expectations.
  5. Complete a Medical Screening: Undergo a thorough medical examination to confirm you’re physically prepared for the surrogacy journey.
  6. Complete a Psychological Evaluation: Participate in a psychological assessment to ensure you’re mentally ready for the surrogacy process.
  7. Contract Review with Your Attorney: Go over the legal agreement with your attorney to fully understand your rights and obligations.
  8. Contract Signing/Notarizing: Finalize your commitment by signing and notarizing the surrogacy contract.

Transfer Cycle with IVF Clinic

  1. Start Building Uterus Lining: Begin prescribed medication to prepare your uterus for the embryo transfer.
  2. Embryo Transfer: The intended parents’ embryo is transferred to your uterus.
  3. HCG Test: Undertake a blood test to confirm pregnancy by measuring Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) levels.
  4. Heartbeat Ultrasound: Validate the pregnancy through an ultrasound to detect the baby’s heartbeat..
Woman injecting medication to prepare for IVF
Pregnant surrogate receiving an ultrasound

Waiting for The Baby to Arrive

  1. Transfer to Regular OB Doctor: Approximately nine to ten weeks post-embryo transfer, your care will transition to your regular OB doctor.
  2. Regular OB Appointments: Attend routine prenatal check-ups to monitor the baby’s development and your health.
  3. Due Date: Welcome the long-anticipated arrival of the baby!

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