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Surrogacy for LGBTQ+ Parents

Your Path to Parenthood with Joy of Life®

Same sex couple with their baby

Bringing Your Dream of Parenthood to Life

There’s nothing quite like the joy of holding your precious baby in your arms. Joy of Life® Surrogacy is here to make that dream come true for same-sex couples and LGBTQ+ individuals. We believe that everyone has the right to experience the joys of parenthood, and we’re committed to guiding you every step of the way.

How Surrogacy Works for LGBTQ+ Couples

Contrary to some misconceptions, the surrogacy process for same-sex couples isn’t significantly different from that for straight couples. Whether you’re a gay couple in need of an egg donor or a lesbian couple contemplating using your own eggs with donor sperm, surrogacy enables you to share a biological link with your child.

If you opt to use an anonymous donor egg or sperm, Joy of Life® collaborates with a vast network of cryobanks and donor agencies. We offer free access to high-quality donor profiles and assist in finding the ideal match at no additional cost.

A surrogate mother and her friend, the intended parent, hold up an ultrasound of the growing fetus.
Happy gay parents reading book together with their daughter at home

Understanding Same-Sex Surrogacy Laws

Surrogacy laws differ by state, so it’s crucial to research whether surrogacy is legal in your current location. Only a few states are considered surrogacy-friendly, including California, Nevada, and Washington among others.

Legal recognition for LGBTQ+ couples may require extra steps, so it’s advisable to secure a pre-birth order to avoid complications. At Joy of Life®, we connect our intended parents with specialized attorneys in surrogacy laws to ensure you can navigate the legal landscape with confidence.

Why Choose Joy of Life® Surrogacy?

Our team has a proven track record of helping LGBTQ+ intended parents build the families they’ve always wanted. Whether you’re in the process of searching for the perfect match or simply exploring your options, we offer personalized support and answers to all your questions, ensuring that your surrogacy experience is filled with Joy of Life® moments you’ll cherish forever.

I remembered looking at my two brothers having children and always thinking and imagining how I would be as a father. Even though everyone mentioned it is a really hard job and would never rest again, I felt the need to become a father and feel the love my brothers have for their children.

As a gay guy, I always thought it would be pretty much impossible, due to the cost and the knowledge or where to start the process. As sad as it looks, after two years doing the research I finally got in touch with Joy from Joy of Life. We started emailing each other and had a conversation that lasted almost an hour of laughing and educating me on the process of having my kid.

Now I can thank God for putting Joy in my journey to become a father. She has made this much easier for me and has made me closer to reaching my dream of having a healthy baby girl. How she does it, I'll never know... but I do know she is caring, lovely, professional and always looking out for my benefit. I will highly recommend Joy and the whole team of Joy of Life. They all been very supportive and helpful to make my dream come to a reality.

Thank you again Joy. I can't thank you enough.

Lesbian parents with their daughter born via surrogacy

FAQs About Surrogacy for Gay Couples

Is the surrogacy process different for LGBTQ+ couples compared to heterosexual couples?

The core steps of the surrogacy process—egg or sperm donation, in vitro fertilization and legal formalities—are generally the same regardless of your sexual orientation. However, same-sex couples may have specific considerations, such as deciding whose sperm will be used for fertilization in gay couples or whether to use one’s own eggs in lesbian couples.

What legal aspects should LGBTQ+ couples be aware of?

It’s essential to know the surrogacy laws in your state, as surrogacy isn’t universally legal across all states. LGBTQ+ couples may also have to take extra steps for legal recognition as the child’s parents. We recommend consulting specialized attorneys to help navigate these legal aspects.

How does Joy of Life® support LGBTQ+ intended parents?

Joy of Life® has a track record of successfully assisting LGBTQ+ intended parents. We offer a supportive community, connect you with LGBTQ+-friendly legal professionals, and provide access to high-quality donor profiles at no extra cost.

Can both partners be biologically related to the child?

For gay couples, it’s possible for both intended fathers to be biologically related to the child through a process known as multiple fertilizations. In this approach, each father’s sperm is used to fertilize separate donor eggs. The fertilized eggs are then implanted into the surrogate, with the hope that both will develop into pregnancies. This way, each father could have a child that shares their genetics.

Alternatively, if you want a child who is related to both parents but can only use the sperm from one, you could work with a close female relative of the non-biological father as an egg donor. That way, the child would be genetically linked to both of you. For example, a sister or cousin of one partner could donate her egg, which is then fertilized by the sperm of the other partner. This creates a biological link to both intended parents.

What if we need an anonymous egg or sperm donor?

We work with a vast network of cryobanks and donor agencies to help you find the perfect match based on your requirements and preferences.

Are there any additional factors LGBTQ+ couples should consider?

Besides legal and medical aspects, it’s crucial to be prepared for societal biases and to think about how you’ll share your child’s birth story with them. For HIV-positive intended parents, programs like the Special Program of Assisted Reproduction (SPAR) offer pathways to healthy pregnancies.

Is Joy of Life® an LGBTQ+-friendly agency?

Absolutely. Our staff includes members who have been through the surrogacy journey themselves, either as surrogates or as intended parents. We are committed to inclusivity and have experience working with LGBTQ+ clients.

Ready To Get Started?

Simply contact one of our friendly staff members to take the first step in your surrogacy journey. We’re here to answer all your questions and guide you through the process.