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Are you looking to earn some extra cash while staying at home caring for your kids? Below are 20 job ideas you might want to consider:

  1. Data entry specialist – If you have fast typing skills and a high attention to detail, you can be a data entry specialist and work while your kids are in school or asleep.
  2. Customer service representative – Work from home as a customer service representative, responding to phone calls, emails, and chats.
  3. Mom blogger – Write interesting stories about being a mom for websites, magazines, and other publications that need parenting content.
  4. Content writer – You can write articles and other content for websites about different niches.
  5. Social medial specialist – If you like posting photos and videos of your kids on social media, use your social media savviness to start a home-based career.
  6. Proofreader – Your attention to detail, perfect grammar and spelling, and strong fact checking skills can help land you a proofreading position.
  7. Web designer – Moms with a background in coding can earn a lot from being a web designer.
  8. Transcriber – Those with quick typing skills and outstanding grammar and punctuation can apply to be a transcriber.
  9. Virtual assistant – Do administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments and meetings, managing social media accounts, and travel and event planning, as a virtual assistant.
  10. Online teacher – You can get paid to teach kids online, help them with homework, and provide tutoring.
  11. Translator – If you are fluent in other languages, get paid to translate interviews, news articles, blog posts, and more.
  12. Search engine evaluator – You can do research and review web search results as a search engine evaluator working from home.
  13. Resume writer – Assist other jobseekers in creating and editing resumes to increase their chances of getting hired.
  14. Product seller – Make money out of your arts and crafts hobby by putting your handcrafted items for sale online.
  15. Graphic designer – Make brochures, leaflets, logos, and signage with your background in graphic design, creativity, and artistry to earn money working from home.
  16. Photography – Your high-quality photos can be worth a good amount of money if you sell them online.
  17. Babysitter – As you are already at home, you can provide in-home childcare for your neighbors, family members, friends, and other people in your area.
  18. Surrogate – The surrogate mother pay can get close to a hundred thousand dollars, and if you are interested in becoming one, you can do a quick online search of “surrogacy programs near me.” Your “surrogacy programs near me” should show you different options and provide you with information about surrogate mother pay and other key details.
  19. Sell food – Your love for cooking can be a lucrative business if you sell your specialty dishes.
  20. Online surveys – You can get paid for sharing your thoughts and insights to help companies improve their products and services.
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