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Surrogate Mother Referral Program

Help even more families grow and earn rewards when you refer a friend!

Refer a Friend

Earn up to $700 per Surrogate Referral!

Know someone who embodies the Joy of Life spirit and would make a fantastic surrogate mother? With our Surrogate Referral Program, you can earn rewards for each person you refer who joins our surrogate community!


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About Our Surrogate Referral Partner Program

Our Surrogate Referral Partner Program is a unique initiative that rewards you for going above and beyond to spread the word and help more families fulfill their dreams! The program allows you to support the mission of a loving and caring surrogate community, all while earning bonuses. It’s a win-win — you contribute to creating joyous family stories, and you get rewarded for it!

Refer a Friend

How Does Surrogate Referral Work?

  1. Fill out the form below. Double check that both parties’ information is correct and complete!
  2. The Joy of Life team will contact the prospective surrogate to complete intake and all necessary paperwork.
  3. You will receive a $25 bonus once the prospective surrogate completes their medical screening.
  4. You will receive your full bonus funds once the prospective surrogate completes all legal processes and receives legal clearance for surrogacy.
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Who is a Good Candidate for Surrogacy?

Ideal surrogacy candidates are those passionate about helping others build their families. They should exhibit maturity, lead a healthy lifestyle, be financially stable and have a strong support system. Additionally, all Joy of Life surrogates must also meet the following requirements:

  • Be a U.S citizen or a U.S. permanent resident
  • Be a female between 21 – 38 years old
  • Have a good pregnancy history (must have delivered at least one child)
  • Have a body mass index (BMI) under 30
  • Lead a healthy and stable lifestyle with no history of mental illness

Surrogate Referral Form

Complete the form below and a member of our team will contact the prospective surrogate shortly!

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