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Types of Pregnancy Emotions:


Here at Joy of Life®, we understand that the production of hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone, is increased during pregnancy, differing in amounts depending upon how far along a woman’s pregnancy is. Unless you are feeling extreme and severe emotional turmoil or distress, you should know that being emotional is a normal part of pregnancy, because these hormones can affect your brain’s ability to regulate emotions correctly.


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Pregnancy is a time of change, and that change can bring about as much uncertainty as it does joy. Everything from her financial situation, employment, and questions about support can cause stress and worry. These things can detract from a woman’s ability to practice self-care, so remember to look after yourself first and foremost if you are experiencing these concerns.


Many women have reported problems with sleeping during their pregnancy. This could be due to their bodily changes causing physical discomfort, anxiety and/or stress. Regardless of the cause, it can have an intense impact on the emotional state of the individual suffering from sleep loss.


Recent studies have suggested that in women with histories of depression, pregnancy can trigger symptoms of depression. Many women display significant signs of depression during this time but believe that it is a normal part of hormonal change and because of this, don’t tell their doctor about their feelings. Any symptoms of depression should be reported to your healthcare professional immediately, because depression during pregnancy can cause unhealthy behaviors to both mother and baby, such as smoking or poor nutrition.

Ways To Cope With Emotions During Pregnancy

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Share Your Worries

Whether it’s using online forums or physical get-togethers, many women find it comforting to speak to others about their feelings. The simple act of speaking to another person can provide assurance that you’re not alone and that others may be feeling the same way as you.

Make a Well-Being Plan

A well-being plan can be an excellent tool to help you get in touch with your thoughts and feelings. Having a plan can also help determine what support you might need during pregnancy and after birth. It can also be used to share any worries, as mentioned above, whether with your family and friends or your midwife/doctor. Our blog has many tips for well-being during pregnancy.

Tackle Stressful Issues One by One

When you have multiple concerns in your life, the pregnancy-related worries can feel much more difficult to deal with. It can create a snowball effect of anxiety and worry. But the good news is that you can tackle it in the same way. Take each issue one by one, beginning with the concerns you feel that you have control over.

Joy of Life Pregnancy Tips

More and more women are facing incredibly emotional pregnancies, and our tips can help you so you don’t need to suffer alone. Being pregnant and emotional is normal, but pregnancy can trigger more severe mental health problems. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the support and information you need in order to be informed during your pregnancy.

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