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As you approach the remarkable moment of welcoming your new baby through surrogacy, this guide is designed to foster a supportive partnership between intended parents and gestational carriers.

Recognizing the journey of surrogacy as one marked by profound trust, respect and connection, we highlight the importance of collaboration in preparing for the hospital stay. This guide aims to ensure that both the gestational carrier feels cherished and the baby receives a loving welcome into the world.

Collaboratively Preparing for the Hospital Stay

A woman in a hospital gown cradling a newborn baby in her arms, seated on a hospital bed with a window in the background.

Understanding the needs of your gestational carrier during her hospital stay is crucial in ensuring she feels fully supported and comfortable. Given that each gestational carrier’s experience and preferences are unique, maintaining open communication is essential.

This partnership in planning allows for the hospital bag to be tailored with both essential medical items and personal comfort items, reflecting consideration for her well-being and strengthening the bond shared during this extraordinary journey. By focusing on her unique needs, you contribute to a positive and comforting environment as she prepares to bring your new family member into the world.

Packing the Perfect Hospital Bag Together

Surrogate hospital bag checklist infographic.

By collaboratively preparing a hospital bag, you not only ensure the gestational carrier’s comfort and well-being but also express your mutual appreciation for her invaluable contribution to your family’s journey. This includes:

  • Medical Documents and IDs: Intended parents and gestational carriers should collaborate to ensure all important paperwork is ready and accessible. This includes identification, insurance info, medical records and any hospital documents, along with a birth plan to honor the surrogate’s labor and delivery preferences.
  • Comfort Items: Selecting items like soft clothing, cozy robes, slippers, socks and personal care essentials provide the surrogate with comfort and a touch of home. Relaxation aids compatible with hospital policies can also support the surrogate’s relaxation needs.
  • Entertainment and Connectivity: Keeping connected and entertained is vital. Together, you can decide on bringing a smartphone, tablet or e-reader, complete with chargers, and select reading materials that cater to the surrogate’s preferences for a pleasant distraction.
  • Snacks and Hydration: Choosing non-perishable snacks and a reusable water bottle together ensures the surrogate’s dietary preferences and hydration needs are met during her stay.
  • Items for the Baby: Both parties can prepare items like clothing, diapers, wipes and swaddle blankets for the baby, symbolizing their shared excitement and care for the new arrival.
  • Gifts and Tokens of Appreciation: While intended parents might take the lead in selecting gifts or tokens of appreciation, building a relationship throughout the pregnancy may give insight into selecting a heartfelt and meaningful gift for one another.
  • Post-Delivery Care for Your Surrogate: Discussing and choosing post-delivery care items together emphasizes a continued commitment to the surrogate’s well-being, focusing on her comfort post-birth.
  • Checklist and Final Preparations: Creating a checklist for both the surrogate and yourself guarantees that everything has been thought of, reflecting a mutual dedication to ensuring all needs and preferences are met.

Ready to Embark on Your Parenting Journey with Joy of Life?

Pregnant woman in a bright, striped dress with a red ribbon above her belly, holding her bump with both hands, standing outdoors.

Your gestational carrier plays a pivotal role in your path to parenthood, embodying a shared journey of hope, respect and mutual appreciation. This partnership is a testament to the transformative experience of surrogacy, emphasizing the importance of kindness and gratitude.

If you’re inspired to begin this transformative experience and haven’t yet joined the Joy of Life family, we invite you to become a parent. Discover how we can support your path to welcoming a new life into your arms today.

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Author Joy Millan

I’m Joy, the founder and CEO of Joy of Life. With a professional background as a fertility clinician, I’ve spent thousands of hours working with surrogates and intended parents alike. As a mother of two, I often wished for more support and a deeper commitment to care for those embarking on non-traditional family-building journeys. This is why I established Joy of Life: to create a more robust, compassionate experience in parenthood for both parties involved with surrogacy. In 2021, I stepped back from daily operations at Joy of Life to fight cancer. Fortunately, the combined 20 years of experience from our incredible team has allowed me to focus on my health & recovery. I continue to provide company guidance and serve as the head liaison for our network of doctors, clinicians and caregivers.

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