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During pregnancy, sleep becomes more important than ever. The ironic part? You’re probably struggling to sleep when you need it the most. With each trimester, your bump will grow bigger and bigger, so getting into a comfortable sleeping position can get a little tricky.

So why is sleep so important? As you rest, your body is able to repair and restore, benefitting both you and the baby. Sleep deprivation during pregnancy can have a negative impact on the birth, with more prolonged and more intense labor. It can also contribute to unhealthy weight gain and depression.

To help you sleep better, Joy of Life® Surrogacy has put together some tips so you can get some much-needed shut-eye by finding comfortable sleeping positions.

1. Sleep On Your Side

As you enter the second and third trimester, sleeping on your stomach becomes a no-go as your bump expands. It’s best to avoid sleeping on your back because this sleeping position means the weight of the baby and uterus is not only on your back but also your intestines and the main vein carrying blood from your heart.

Because of this, sleeping on your side is recommended so that there is as much blood flow as possible sending nutrients to the placenta. It also helps with the function of your kidneys, preventing swelling in your hands, ankles and feet.

2. Lots of Pillows

During pregnancy, pillows will become your new best friends, and you’ll likely need lots of them. To get more comfortable, many pregnant women will place a pillow under the bump while lying on their side, or place a pillow between their legs to sleep better. You could also put one behind your back, which can help stop you from rolling onto your back. There are many pregnancy pillows available to help with sleeping positions.

3. Prop Yourself Up

Sometimes pillows just aren’t providing you with the comfort you need, and some women choose to prop themselves up instead into a more upright sleeping position. Sleeping in a more semi-sitting position will lift the head and torso which will also help reduce any problems with heartburn. Sometimes this position is better in a reclining chair rather than in bed.

4. Relieve Pressure With a Blanket

Placing a rolled-up blanket under your back can really help relieve pressure and support you and the bump. Combining this with different pillow combinations will make for a more comfortable sleeping position.

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