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The third trimester means that you are now in the final stages of your pregnancy. While it’s an exciting time, it’s also usually the most uncomfortable trimester as the baby continues to grow and you get ready for the birth. 

At this stage in your pregnancy, you will experience a variety of symptoms, some of which you may have endured in the other trimesters, but there will be new symptoms too. Stretch marks, headaches, backache, bloating and constipation, swelling, urine infections and dizziness are all common symptoms you might become familiar with.

We’ve put together 3 of the top symptoms you should look out for during your third trimester

Heartburn and Indigestion 

You might start noticing a tendency to get heartburn and indigestion. The reason for this is changing hormones in your body which interfere with your digestive system, along with the baby growing and crowding your stomach. 

Heartburn is the sensation of burning or pain in your chest. You may also feel bloated or nauseated. Some ways to prevent heartburn include eating smaller meals more often, eating slowly and drinking between meals instead of with them. It’s also recommended that you avoid foods that are spicy, fried, fatty or citrus fruits. 

Trouble Sleeping

Sleeping issues happen during the third trimester, despite it being the time you need the most rest. Your bump will be quite big by now and you will probably struggle to sleep, which is why side sleeping is recommended. 

Another reason you might have trouble is that the baby is pressing on your bladder, so you need to use the bathroom more frequently during the night. A common symptom is leg cramps, which can make sleeping uncomfortable. 

Some women experience disturbing dreams which make for restless sleep. These dreams happen because of the hormones in the body, along with general anxiety and anticipation about the future. Learn how to fight pregnancy fatigue.

Fake Contractions 

Another common symptom is fake contractions, which are also known as Braxton Hicks. These fake contractions feel as if your bump is tightening for 20-30 seconds and are completely normal and harmless to the baby. This happens when the womb contracts and relaxes. Although they can be a little uncomfortable, there should be no pain with fake contractions, so if there is, this could be a sign of real contractions. 

Final Thoughts

In the third trimester, you will probably be feeling a mix of emotions, from excitement to anxiety, to feeling irritable because of tiredness. Though these symptoms can be uncomfortable, remember they are a good sign that the baby will be with you very soon. For more guidance, get in touch.

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