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Is there a way to combat pregnancy fatigue?

Yes, thankfully!

Most women will experience some form of discomfort, exhaustion, and tiredness during the course of their pregnancy.

This is called pregnancy fatigue and it typically manifests itself in the first and third trimesters. Let’s find out more about this condition.

When Does Pregnancy Fatigue Happen?

A full pregnancy term is 40 weeks long. From the moment of conception right until the day you deliver, pregnancy fatigue can happen at any time.

In fact, pregnancy fatigue may even be an early pregnancy symptom for some women. As you ease into your second trimester (week 13), your energy levels may rebound as you emerge from the sluggishness of the first few weeks of pregnancy.

However, this is often short-lived, because, by week 28 which is the start of the third trimester, exhaustion becomes the order of the day again.

So, is there anything you can do to fight the fatigue and feel more energetic? Fortunately, yes. Here are 4 excellent tips to energize you.

1.   Make Time for Naps

Growing a baby is a wondrous thing – but extremely draining on your energy reserves. In order to give yourself a boost and provide you with much-needed energy to get through the day, you must schedule in time for naps.

It’s worth knowing that these naps aren’t just for you but will be beneficial for the baby as well. Frequent napping can reduce the risk of a baby born with low birth weight.

2.   Eat Healthy Meals

The food you eat, especially when pregnant, can affect your mood and energy levels. Pregnant women should aim to eat more often throughout the day and avoid eating large meals in one sitting. Eating smaller meals will also help to reduce heartburn and acid reflux.

3.   Ask Family or Friends To Help Out

Surrogacy is a journey that is best shared with friends and family. As a surrogate, your energy levels will wax and wane each week. Having a solid support system that can help you around the house and run errands will assist you in conserving your energy reserves.

4.   Relax Before Bed

At the end of the day, take time to pamper yourself. This can be through a warm bath, by reading a good book, doing some yoga, having your partner massage you, or simply meditating. Relaxing will help you center yourself and refresh you.

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