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At Joy of Life®, we know many reasons women may want to consider being a surrogate. She may want to experience pregnancy but not raise a child. She may want to help families who cannot conceive on their own. Regardless of her reasons, carrying a child for someone else is time-consuming and requires lifestyle changes and sacrifice. Any woman willing to go through something like this for another family deserves compensation. She should not have to pay out of her pocket to make someone else’s dream come true.

At Joy of Life®, we are more than just a service for the parents. We are a partner to our surrogates. We have a transparent benefit package that goes over both compensation and reimbursement. But it’s essential to know the difference.


Compensation is the amount a surrogate is paid to carry the baby. Some contracts referred to it as a “Base Rate.” This rate varies depending on a variety of factors. One is experience. A woman who has already produced healthy babies for families may receive a higher fee. A surrogate can also expect a higher rate if she carries multiples, such as twins or triplets.

At Joy of Life®, we don’t hold this money until the baby is born. Instead, we make sure that you receive money throughout the pregnancy. We do not intend to be your boss but your partners and advocates throughout the entire process. We will go over the schedule for compensation thoroughly when we discuss your contract so that you will know what to expect while you are expecting.


Pregnancy is expensive. You will have to pay for many things that are unique to the pregnancy. These fees and costs should not come out of your pocket or your compensation. For example, you may have to travel for implantation. Reimbursement would cover your airfare, hotels, and meals. If your insurance covers surrogacy, you may still have co-pays or deductibles, eligible for reimbursement. You may also discover incidentals that arise, such as OTC vitamins that your doctor wants you to have or even maternity clothes. During your contract discussions, we will break down exactly what you can expect and how you can get reimbursed.

These issues and more are discussed in your surrogacy contract and will be covered. At Joy of Life®, we want to ensure that you get everything you need to have a healthy pregnancy and a happy surrogacy experience. 

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Joy of Life is a compassionate surrogacy agency committed to creating life, fostering joy and nurturing dreams. We are experts in our field, with team members boasting extensive experience in the clinical, psychological and legal aspects of surrogacy. But more than that, we are a family — a community bound by the shared purpose of helping others realize the joy of parenthood.

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