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On July 28, 2018, Joy of Life®, a surrogacy company based in Southern California, hosted an enriching “Introduction Event” in Northern California for women considering or currently embarking on surrogacy journeys. This special event brought together a community of compassionate individuals to exchange experiences and share their surrogacy stories.

At the event, Joy Xu, the founder of Joy of Life®, provided an uplifting summary of the company’s recent milestones. She proudly shared that in the preceding six months, Joy of Life® has successfully matched over fifty intended parents with surrogate mothers, embarking on a mission to fulfill the dreams of building families. With half of these surrogate mothers already on their journey, the growing number of participants underscores the company’s dedication and the trust placed in its program.

The foundation of Joy of Life®’s renowned program lies in the passionate individuals behind it, including experienced surrogate mothers, clinical advisors, nutritionists, psychologists, and case management teams. Their collective expertise and tireless work have elevated Joy of Life® to a well-known name in the surrogacy community in Southern California.

To celebrate the surrogate’s commitment and courage, the event also featured beauty activities and a group luncheon. Jennifer, a new surrogate mother, recounted her first experience with a Joy of Life® event, saying it was her first time attending a Joy of Life® event and that the team and the surrogates gave her the warmest welcome. She felt embraced by the community and supported by coordinators who offered her professional knowledge and addressed her questions and concerns as she prepared for her surrogacy journey.

Joy of Life® continues to extend its community outreach, participating in various events like SEEDS, MHB, the San Diego Kids Expo, and other internal surrogacy gatherings. Xu’s philosophy shines through these efforts, as she expressed, “These events provide great opportunities to get to know our surrogates since we might not have the chance to become friends without anything like this. I don’t want to treat surrogacy as a business; instead, for me, our company is much more like a community. Surrogates can make friends here. Friendships can grow and become meaningful and life-long. At Joy of Life®, we believe that the beauty of surrogacy is to give the joy of life.”

If you’re moved by the stories of these incredible women and want to learn more about the surrogacy process, Joy of Life® welcomes you to reach out. By becoming a surrogate, you have the opportunity to deliver happiness to families and be part of a supportive and loving community. Connect with us to explore how you can start this life-affirming journey and make someone’s dream of family a reality.

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Joy of Life is a compassionate surrogacy agency committed to creating life, fostering joy and nurturing dreams. We are experts in our field, with team members boasting extensive experience in the clinical, psychological and legal aspects of surrogacy. But more than that, we are a family — a community bound by the shared purpose of helping others realize the joy of parenthood.

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