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Many couples face the heartache of infertility, and it’s surrogate mothers who step into this breach with hearts full of giving. These women, who decide to become surrogate mothers, do more than carry a child—they carry hope, dreams, and future joy. As we celebrate Mother’s Day, Joy of Life® extends a heartfelt thank you to all the surrogate mothers who’ve given the precious gift of family.

Surrogate mothers are pillars of strength, empathy, and communication. Their decision to become surrogates weaves them into the ongoing legacy of the families they help create. This gift of surrogacy bestows the miracle of life, bonding surrogate and intended parents in an indescribable journey of trust and shared love.

“To me, being a surrogate — it is like you are carrying someone else’s dreams,” said a surrogate mother from Joy of Life®. This profound sentiment captures the essence of surrogacy—a surrogate enables intended parents to partake in the wonders of pregnancy and the indescribable moment of holding their baby for the first time.

Surrogate mothers have transformed hundreds of individuals’ lives, allowing them to embrace the title of “Mother.” To honor this, Joy of Life® is launching an Instagram contest, giving away Massage Envy vouchers for surrogate mothers to enjoy this Mother’s Day. We’re also hosting an event on May 19 in Corona, offering a space for surrogates to share their experiences and celebrate the journey of surrogacy.

Joy Millan, Founder of Joy of Life®, reflects on the company’s mission, “We achieved significant successes in 2018 and helped many families make their dream of fertility come true. We believe that there is no more fabulous gift than the gift of family, and Joy of Life® is proud to be your dedicated partner on your journey to parenthood.”

Are you inspired by these stories of hope and giving? Do you wish to learn more about becoming a surrogate? Joy of Life® is here to guide you through every step. Reach out to us to discover how you can begin this life-changing journey and help turn dreams of parenthood into reality.

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Joy of Life is a compassionate surrogacy agency committed to creating life, fostering joy and nurturing dreams. We are experts in our field, with team members boasting extensive experience in the clinical, psychological and legal aspects of surrogacy. But more than that, we are a family — a community bound by the shared purpose of helping others realize the joy of parenthood.

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