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We at Joy of Life® Surrogacy know that being a surrogate is a long and tedious process. It does not only involve multiple visits to the doctor, changing your diet, quitting bad habits, and taking good care of yourself more. It also requires you to upgrade your wardrobe. As your belly starts to grow bigger, you will see that you no longer fit in your clothes. You will have to get new ones to make your pregnancy as comfortable as possible.

So let us at Joy of Life® Surrogacy help you choose the right maternity wardrobe for you. What should you consider when you shop for clothes while pregnant?

1. Consider Your Lifestyle

To know what kinds of maternity tops, bottoms, and footwear to buy, you should first think about your lifestyle. Do you work and have a corporate dress code in the office? Or does your workplace allow casual attire? Do you work remotely and spend most of your time at home? Do you go to the gym or exercise outdoors regularly? Depending on your answers to these questions, you should be able to come up with a list of maternity clothes that you will need. Be sure to include undergarments, pajamas, and any other items you wear on a regular basis.

2. Set a Budget

If you look up “how much do surrogates make” online, you will find that the average surrogate mother pay is not that bad. When you first started your journey with us at Joy of Life®, you might have asked “how much do surrogates make” to ensure you would be able to cover your current expenditures, your time out of work, and other costs. The pay you receive should also allow you to get a sufficient wardrobe to wear while you are pregnant. If you are still early in your journey with us and are concerned about the cost of maternity clothes, be sure to discuss it with one of our coordinators.

3. Go With Items That Will Accommodate Your Changing Body.

Maternity clothes come in different styles, designs, colors, sizes, and different fabrics. Because your bump will grow bigger as weeks pass by, you should invest some of your surrogate mother pay in clothes made of fabric that is stretchy, soft, hypoallergenic, and breathable. Cotton is a good option, as well as a jersey knit. You might also consider items with a drawstring that can be adjusted as you grow and made smaller after you give birth.

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