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Did you know that in each state it’s estimated that there are at least nine children born through a surrogacy agreement every year?

Surrogacy provides a beautiful opportunity to help couples trying to start a family has children. As a surrogate, this is probably not your first child. You are aware of the ins and outs of having children.

You understand even more how important it is to be healthy in order to carry a child to term successfully. However, it never hurts to learn more. Here are our top 10 pregnancy tips to help you enjoy your pregnancy and do so in a healthy manner.

1. Eat Well

During pregnancy, you are eating for two. The baby requires a well-balanced diet in order to encourage development and growth. Your meals should contain all the major food groups in sufficient quantities. If you’re having multiples it’s a good idea to sit down with your OBGYN and a Joy of Life® surrogacy specialist to craft a diet that’s tailored to your unique situation.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Dehydration can lead to premature contractions. Our bodies don’t produce water, so you need to ensure that your fluid intake is sufficient for you and the baby. Studies confirm the need to increase your water intake when you are pregnant. Ten cups each day or 2.3 liters is a good benchmark. Always carry a bottle of water around and download an app that’ll remind you to drink water regularly.

3. Keep Exercising

It might be tempting to stop exercising during your pregnancy; however, daily or regular exercise should continue to be a part of your life. Being fit will help you immensely when you go into labor. Exercise doesn’t have to be anything too strenuous. A daily walk around your block or to the local grocers will do just fine. Exercise will also prevent the baby from becoming too big and will help reduce stress during your pregnancy.

4. Get Plenty of Rest

Adequate rest is vital in order to have a healthy pregnancy. Eight hours of sleep every night is the recommended amount. As you enter your second trimester (week 13) your sleeping position should change to sideways. We do not recommend lying on your back as this increases the risk of cutting off the blood supply to the fetus as well as making you feel faint.

5. Take Prenatal Vitamins

As a surrogate, you’re not new to taking vitamins. In fact, you were probably taking vitamins even before you fell pregnant. During your surrogate pregnancy, vitamins and prenatal supplements will continue to be vital as they are needed for the growing baby’s brain and nervous system development and bone and tissue growth.

6. Eliminate Harmful Substances

Everything you ingest or are exposed to during your surrogate pregnancy will affect the baby. This means you must avoid drugs, stop smoking, and not consume alcohol during your pregnancy. However, the list of substances to avoid is not limited to these products but extends to everyday items such as household cleaning products, caffeinated drinks and any medication that hasn’t been cleared by your OBGYN.

7. Write a Birth Plan

When you go into labor everything should be clear: who you want to present, what you want to wear, preferred delivery methods, and any medical interventions you wish or do not wish to have. Your birth plan will set the stage and the precedence for how you wish to give birth. Take time to write out a birth plan. Follow these guidelines issued by the American Pregnancy Association.

8. Track Your Weight

It is normal to put on a few extra pounds during pregnancy. These are the guidelines issued by the Institute of Medicine. One way to keep tabs on how much weight you’re adding is by tracking your weight at the end of each trimester. Discuss any weight concerns you may have with your doctor and/or surrogacy specialist.

9. Minimize Stress

The fluctuation of hormones in your body can cause a range of mood swings as well as distressing emotional states. It is imperative, therefore, that you find creative ways to rest and relax. Having a support system in place during your pregnancy will be important. If you’re going through a hard time with the pregnancy, talk to your surrogacy specialist or a counselor to get the emotional support and help necessary to pull through.

10. Learn about Postpartum Depression

According to the CDC, 1 in 9 women is affected by postpartum depression. It is a common experience even among non-surrogates. If you find yourself depressed at any time during your surrogate pregnancy, consult with your doctor or a Joy of Life® surrogacy specialist. Therapy and being in a support group may help, and your doctor can prescribe safe antidepressants. To find a prenatal support group near you, visit

How to Enjoy the Surrogacy Experience

When you’re happy it has a positive impact on the rest of your body. Taking the time to simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience will go a long way in having a healthy pregnancy. Read up on being a surrogate, the challenges, and joys that will be a part of this amazing journey, and talk to your surrogacy professional regularly in order to make sure that you fully understand the entire process.

About Joy of Life Surrogacy: We Have Your Best Interests at Heart

Joy of Life® is a leading surrogacy company located in Southern California. We are a diverse team made of up of former surrogate mothers, parents whose lives were changed by a surrogate, clinical coordinators and healthcare providers. Thanks to our unique experiences, we are able to truly walk with those considering being surrogates and those looking for a surrogacy option.

Our professional clinical advisors have years of experience in this industry and understand the delicate nature of this work. We are well able to advise accordingly and offer professional help as and when it’s needed. In order to make sure that the surrogate mom and baby are healthy, we take surrogate mothers through counseling sessions where we discuss diet and health. This initiative is led by our qualified nutritionist. We also have a licensed psychologist on hand to talk to both surrogate mothers and intended parents about preparing themselves emotionally and mentally for the journey.

We understand the importance of bringing a new life into the world; for this reason, we offer a highly competitive compensation package for our surrogates. Come in and talk to us for more information. We also offer our surrogate mothers the prerogative of choosing the intended parents of the baby they will carry. This is done in private and is confidential. Right up till the birth the surrogate mother will continue to have rights over the child. All of this is detailed in the contract.

Are you keen to find out more about surrogacy or being a surrogate? Contact us for more information.

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