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Surrogate Payment Schedule

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How Soon Do Surrogates Get Paid?

At Joy of Life®, we are committed to providing an enriching and supportive journey for our surrogate mothers, offering compensation that reflects their invaluable role. Surrogate mothers typically receive anywhere from $55,000 to $85,000, depending on their experience, location and other factors.

Surrogate payments start on the 1st of the following month from when all parties have signed the legal contract, ensuring our surrogates feel supported from the start. After the contract is signed, payments align with key stages of the surrogacy process. This ensures that financial support is consistently provided throughout the experience.

How Much Do Surrogates Make?

Base Compensation

Base compensation is the payment a surrogate receives before any bonuses or reimbursements. The starting compensation for a surrogate mother varies depending on factors like their experience and location.

Our base rates are:

  • $60,000 for experienced surrogates in California and $55,000 outside of California.
  • $50,000 for first-time surrogates in California and $45,000 outside of California.

Upon completion of their incredible commitment, surrogates may receive up to $11,000 in bonus compensation.

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Travel & Other Reimbursements

Joy of Life® offers extensive reimbursement and benefits for surrogates, covering additional expenses and supporting their overall well-being. This includes:

Travel Reimbursement: Travel expenses are covered for surrogates, including mileage, meals, hotel accommodations and airfare. This ensures surrogates can focus on their health and pregnancy without worrying about travel-related expenses.

Inconvenience Reimbursement: The program provides financial support for unexpected inconveniences like wage loss or childcare needs. Additionally, medical procedure costs and related compensation are covered if a surrogate cannot finish their journey due to circumstances out of their control.

Additional Benefits: Surrogates are offered a robust benefits package, including substantial life insurance coverage (up to $250,000), medical insurance, psychological support, 24/7 assistance and nutritional counseling.

Payment Timeline

Your surrogacy is marked by significant milestones, and our payment structure reflects this. Payments align with critical stages of your surrogacy, offering financial support every step of the way.

The compensation for surrogates at Joy of Life® is distributed throughout your experience, aligning with the specific schedule outlined in your surrogacy contract.

Before Pregnancy

Surrogates begin receiving payments and reimbursements even before the pregnancy is confirmed (on the 1st of the following month from when all parties have signed the legal contract). Reimbursements may include things like Ubers, meal allowances, birth control pills and more.

Additionally, surrogates are provided with a monthly allowance ranging from $300 to $500. Prior to the confirmation of pregnancy, surrogates may also be eligible for milestone bonuses for significant steps in the surrogacy process, such as receiving a Legal Clearance bonus, a Medication Start bonus, a Transfer bonus, and an HCG bonus, which are awarded upon reaching specific stages like legal clearance, the start of medication, the embryo transfer, and the detection of the HCG hormone indicating early pregnancy.

After Pregnancy Confirmation

Surrogates receive base payment allotments starting on the 1st of the month following the heartbeat confirmation. This will continue until you deliver, ensuring continuous financial support throughout the pregnancy. Surrogates will also receive reimbursements for copayments, mileage, etc. and are reimbursed 3x a month.


Once the surrogate delivers, she will receive a lump sum payment of the remainder of her base and any delivery bonuses she is entitled to.

This final installment recognizes the surrogate’s completion of the agreement, marking the end of the journey with the birth of the child.

Depending on your surrogacy contract, you may be entitled to additional pay after the birth. For instance, if you agree to pump and send breast milk to the parents.

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Joy of Life®’s Commitment to Fair, Timely Payments

At Joy of Life®, we prioritize ensuring our surrogates receive their compensation promptly and accurately. Our structured payment system is designed to reflect the significance of their role and is executed with a high level of efficiency and reliability. This approach is central to our ethos of honoring the contributions of our surrogates with fairness and respect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do surrogate payments work?

When you work with Joy of Life®, every financial aspect is handled with utmost care and transparency. Your surrogacy contract outlines every detail of your compensation, including base pay, bonuses and reimbursements.

Payments are structured to align with key milestones during your surrogacy, ensuring that financial support is available at the moments you need it most. This is designed to provide peace of mind and stability, reflecting our commitment to your well-being during this extraordinary path you’re embarking on.

How soon do surrogates get paid?

Your financial support starts on the 1st of the following month (after all parties have signed the legal contract). We understand that surrogacy is a significant commitment, and we ensure that you’re supported from the very beginning. Timely payments are our way of showing appreciation for your dedication, providing stability and peace of mind as you give this precious gift of life.

What is a typical surrogate contract like?

The surrogate contract is a comprehensive guide, ensuring you feel informed, comfortable and respected during your surrogacy. Your contract will detail the legal, medical and financial aspects of your surrogacy process, providing clarity and assurance.

Our surrogate contracts are carefully crafted to ensure they’re not just agreements but also a token of our commitment to you.

Learn more in our Surrogacy Contracts blog.

What disqualifies you from being a surrogate?

The criteria to become a surrogate with Joy of Life® are in place to ensure the safety and fulfillment of both the surrogate and the future family.

Factors like age, health history, lifestyle and legal status are considered to ensure you have the most rewarding and safe experience. It’s important that you are fully prepared to begin this life-changing experience.

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Your Experience Matters to Us at Joy of Life®

To explore the full extent of our compensation and benefits, please feel free to contact us at (909) 286-2667 or email Our team is dedicated to providing you with the information and support you need, every step of the way.