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Surrogacy is a sensitive and delicate process, and for that reason, surrogates must meet certain requirements, including that they be in good health and of an appropriate age to reduce the chances of complications.

What is a Generally Accepted Surrogate Mother Age?

The ideal age for surrogacy is when a woman is in her late 20s or 30s and has also had her own children and is raising them. At Joy of Life Surrogacy, for example, we prefer our surrogate mothers to be between 21 and 38 years old.

Some surrogacy agencies set the surrogate limit for women desiring to be gestational carriers at 40 or 45 years old. It is also not uncommon to hear stories of women well into their 50s and sometimes even 60s becoming surrogates for intended parents. But these are typically special circumstances, and an agency is oftentimes not directly involved. Instead, this usually is an independent arrangement between the surrogate and the intended parents.

It should be mentioned that even those interested in pursuing an older surrogate arrangement must do so with medical approval. The older surrogate will still need to be cleared by a medical professional at the intended parents’ fertility clinic.

The screening process for surrogate mothers is strict and, while one might not be disqualified simply based on age, it is important to know that age will be considered very closely in the criteria that is needed to be fulfilled by a potential surrogate.

Why Do Surrogate Age Requirements Exist?

Age limits are set down for the protection of both the surrogate mother and child. A woman passed a certain age may be able to carry a child, but it can come with several complications, such as high blood pressure, premature birth, miscarriage and sometimes even stillbirths.

Aside from being in her 20s or 30s, the ideal surrogate candidate is expected to be in good health, of a sound disposition, and financially stable. A surrogate mother should also be someone who has finished having her own children and doesn’t want anymore, because the surrogacy process can affect a woman’s fertility and chances of having her own children in the future.

Why Joy of Life Surrogates Are Between 21 to 38 Years Old

Because intended parents are hoping for the best, it is always advised that they work with a younger woman within the recommended surrogate age range (20s to 30s) to ensure higher chances of success.

If you’re planning on applying to be a surrogate mother, Joy of Life® is a premier California-based surrogate mother service that’s prepared to walk with you on this wonderful journey. We are committed to ensuring that you’re armed with the right information and support.

Are you wondering if you’re eligible for surrogacy? See our requirements or get in touch with us for more information on surrogacy.

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