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At Joy of Life® Surrogacy, we think it’s important for you to know the cost of surrogacy, so you can plan ahead for your surrogacy journey without any financial surprises. We’ve put together this guide to tell you how much surrogate mother costs, along with all the fees surrounding surrogacy.

What Is the Overall Cost of Surrogacy?

The overall surrogacy cost can differ depending on individual situations. Examples of this could be giving birth to twins or whether you want to work with an experienced mother. The average cost of surrogacy is between $110,000 to $160,000+.

This fee includes the surrogate cost, attorney’s fee, health insurance costs, agency fees, fertility treatment costs, and even your own personal travel. If you are using an egg donor, then you will need to budget for this as well.

How Much Does a Surrogate Cost?

So, how much is a surrogate in this overall fee? Again, this factors in lots of different things and individual situations but generally surrogates will be compensated between $47,000 to $55,000 by Joy of Life®. Surrogate mothers go through a challenging time, both physically and mentally, so it’s important they receive the care and compensation they deserve.

The fee for a surrogate mother also depends on whether or not they’ve been a surrogate mother before. For experienced surrogate mothers living in California, they will be paid $55,000 while those living outside of California will be given $50,000.

If the surrogate mother is new to surrogacy, the fees will be less as they have no first-hand experience. This means that if they are a new surrogate mother living in California, they will receive $45,000 and for those who don’t live in California, the fee is a base of $40,000.

When the surrogacy journey is complete and the baby is safely delivered, surrogate mothers will also be granted a bonus compensation of up to $9,900 for their hard and compassionate work.

This compensation is guaranteed to the surrogate mother with our Surrogate Benefit Packet so that both the surrogate mother and the intended parents know the budget from the beginning of the surrogacy journey.

What About the Rest of the Fees?

As you would expect, a large portion of your surrogacy budget goes towards surrogate mothers.

The other two-thirds of this cover the costs of the agency, which will find your surrogate, arrange her medical and psychological treatments, and liaison between the clinic, lawyers, and donor agency. They will handle the surrogate’s compensation, fertility treatments, and care during the pregnancy while keeping the intended parents educated and informed. Surrogate matching fees are also required.

Legal fees are an important part of the budget, the first service being the contract drafting, while the second one covers the cost of the pre-birth or post-birth order at the end of the second trimester.

For more information about our surrogate mothers or applying for parenthood, please reach out to Joy of Life® Surrogacy today!

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