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It is normal to feel a bit hotter than usual when you are pregnant. A pregnant women’s basal metabolic rate is 25% higher than it normally is. This rise in temperature is on average only 0.4 degrees above the average body temperature. Summer pregnancies already come with plenty of complications: Excess sweating, dehydration, and general depression can all result from being too hot and uncomfortable. If you are pregnant this summer, try these tips to help you keep your cool.

Summer Pregnancy Tips

Go for a Swim To Cool Off

There is no need to skip the pool just because you are pregnant because the easiest way to feel refreshed is to cool off in the water. Swimming not only is the quickest way to get comfortable, but it is also a good exercise that can help reduce discomfort due to swelling and back pain. Instead of trying to squeeze into your regular bathing suit, find one that helps you feel confident with your current body. Sometimes, a relaxing swim is all that’s needed. If a dip is not possible, a perfect alternative is to take a tepid bath with a few drops of lavender or neroli essential oil or even just soak your feet in the cool water.

Selecting Clothes for Breathability in the Heat

One of the best ways to avoid over-heating is to wear lightweight, breathable fabrics in summer. Dressing in clothes that are made of natural fibers can help to absorb and draw dampness away from your body and keep your body feeling relaxed and comfy. Natural fabrics like light linen; airy cotton; elegant bengaline; soft, silky lycra; and easy stretch denim will cool you down while giving you an attractive look.

Here are some other guidelines to help you select summer pregnancy clothes:

  • Keep covered up. Wear long-sleeved tops in lightweight fabrics and loose, comfortable trousers or long dresses and skirts.
  • Wear a hat. You will burn faster than you did before your pregnancy. Wear a hat with a wide brim that will protect your face and neck from the sun, as well as helping you to stay cool.
  • Don’t forget your feet. You can improve your comfort during pregnancy by choosing the proper footwear. Sandals may feel cool, but do not forget to slap on some sun lotion to protect your feet from the rays.

Using Skincare Products in Summer To Cool Yourself Down

Having a healthy skincare regime is always essential, but it’s even more critical during pregnancy. Pregnancy causes your skin to stretch, expand, and dry out. Therefore, help yourself throughout the summer by moisturizing your skin as much as possible. Use a highly emollient moisturizer that contains natural ingredients to keep your skin soft, smooth, and itch-free. Moreover, incorporating the right products is also important to avoid summer skin problems. For example, prickly heat, heat rashes, stretched skin, and stretch marks.

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