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Having a baby is no small feat. Intended parents want to know that the woman carrying their precious bundle of joy is physically and emotionally healthy enough for such a responsibility. As a woman considering becoming a surrogate, you might be interested in researching the screening process. Here at Joy of Life®, we have an extensive screening service that ensures peace of mind for both surrogates and intended parents.

In this article, we’re breaking down the numerous steps involved with surrogacy screening.

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Medical, Social and Drug History: Understanding the Surrogate Screening Process

Every surrogate must undergo some medical testing and a drug test. This also includes additional testing at a fertility clinic. These surrogacy screening exams ensure you are physically healthy and able to carry a baby to term. At Joy of Life®, we are looking for surrogates who have a body mass index under 30, a successful pregnancy history, a healthy lifestyle, are between the ages of 21-38, have no history of drug abuse or smoking and have had no more than two c-sections or five deliveries. If all that is clear, an official medical record from a physician will then be required.

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Birth Records

A surrogate is a woman who ideally has had at least one child before. You must provide previous birth records to the agency. It is preferable for you to have had successful pregnancies without major complications.

Background Checks

In addition to providing the agency with medical records, Joy of Life® will carry out a background check to ensure that you have no criminal or child abuse record.

Medical Evaluation

Medical records give surrogacy agencies a chance to understand your previous medical history, but you will also have to undergo a routine medical evaluation at a fertility clinic. For many agencies, this step is completed after the surrogate has found a match with the intended parents. Tests included in this evaluation are blood and urine samplings, a saline sonogram of the uterus and a physical exam.

Mental Health and Psychological Evaluation

Being a surrogate is rewarding, but it can also be challenging. This is why, at the onset, you must see a psychologist in order to discuss your emotional well-being, personality and sensitivity regarding giving up the child you will carry.

While this type of surrogacy screening may make some people nervous, it’s in place to help you and the intended parents. Understanding whether you are up to the emotional challenge is essential. Counseling is also available throughout pregnancy to help you support your mental well-being.

Final Thoughts: Ensuring Surrogacy Screening Success at Joy of Life®

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At Joy of Life®, our screening process is thorough so we can ensure surrogates are mentally and physically healthy as well as committed to the surrogacy process. Our extensive process provides peace of mind for both surrogates and intended parents. As surrogates ourselves, we are intimately acquainted with the importance of the surrogacy screening process and provide a nurturing team to help both you and the intended parents.

Ready to Become a Surrogate? Get Guidance Throughout the Surrogacy Screening Process

Joy of Life® is a leading surrogacy company located in Southern California. We are a diverse team made up of former surrogate mothers, parents whose lives were changed by surrogacy, clinical coordinators and healthcare providers. Thanks to our unique experiences, we can truly walk with those considering becoming surrogates and those looking for a surrogacy option.

If you would like to learn more about surrogacy, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our consultants here at Joy of Life® Surrogacy.

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