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Beginning a family can be an exciting time in a person’s life. However, while many long to have kids, some can’t conceive for one reason or the other. Nevertheless, you’ll find that surrogacy can offer a solution. The process entails a woman carrying an embryo and subsequently birthing a baby for another couple or individual.

Surrogacy agencies such as Joy of Life® can identify with couples that can’t have children. That’s why they’re ready to take you through the process so you can enjoy the experience of having kids.

In the surrogacy world, the two major kinds of surrogacy are commercial and altruistic surrogacy. The major differentiating factor is that altruistic surrogacy doesn’t require monetary compensation and the surrogate might be a friend or close family member

Here’s an insight into the distinction between the two kinds.

Altruistic Surrogacy

Altruistic surrogacy involves an agreement where the surrogate doesn’t receive financial compensation. In most of these agreements, the surrogate tends to have close relations with the intended parents. While entering into this agreement with a known surrogate is a great experience, unforeseen expenses or complications might arise during an altruistic surrogacy that could cause problems.

Commercial Surrogacy

Commercial surrogacy is an agreement that involves pre-determined financial compensation for the surrogate, along with full coverage for the associated medical expenses.

Critics of commercial surrogacy feel that the practice exploits vulnerable women and the system of reproduction while commoditizing human life. Advocates of this type of surrogacy argue that it’s unjust for a surrogate to carry a baby for somebody else without receiving compensation. Proponents further believe that it’s best to permit the practice so regulation can occur and everybody’s rights can be protected.

While a number of critics accuse and demoralize surrogates using this method, testimonies prove the criticism is unfounded. Gestational surrogates assert how selfless they felt when they entered into the commercial surrogacy agreement. Moreover, this kind offers the intended parents involvement in the surrogacy process through agreed-upon terms in the contract.

For instance, the couple can require the surrogate to follow a certain diet. Surrogates in this agreement also obtain support from the services offered by the surrogacy agency throughout the experience. The screening process helps potential surrogates understand what to expect to make sure it’s what they want.

A social worker and professional surrogate advocate will assist the gestational surrogate during the procedure, including after delivery, where necessary.

The Pros of Commercial Surrogacy

Some of the benefits associated with this kind of surrogacy include the following:

Fair Compensation

It allows fair compensation for women for their year-long dedication to the intended parents, along with the emotional and physical demands of pregnancy.

Lawfully Regulated

In countries and states where well-defined laws exist, commercial surrogacy is under lawful regulation to guard the surrogate’s and the intended parents’ rights.

Low Pressure

Commercial surrogacy is ideal if you don’t want to pressure your friends or family to participate in altruistic surrogacy. The last thing you’d want is to jeopardize your relations with your family or friends, so this form of surrogacy can be easier for families.

Contracts in Place

In this form of surrogacy, the negotiation of contracts occurs beforehand to establish the financial compensation the surrogate will obtain. This is to avoid disputes regarding reimbursements during and after the pregnancy.

Feeling of Helping Others

In the U.S., most surrogates who choose this form of surrogacy don’t do it exclusively for the compensation. All surrogacy entails some degree of altruism because every surrogate needs compassion and a willingness to sacrifice. Actually, most women engage in this practice in order to help other families.

The Other Side of Altruistic Surrogacy

Be aware of these challenges before you enter into this kind of surrogacy agreement:

Usually a Friend or Family Member

Most of the surrogates who opt for this form of surrogacy are usually family or close friends of those who intend to be parents. You’ll find that the parents-to-be are unlikely to find a match through the matching services if they aren’t seeking identified surrogacy.

Less Control

The parents-to-be might feel as though they don’t have much control over the process because they aren’t compensating the surrogate. As such, they might be reluctant to advise the surrogate.

Hurt Feelings

There might be a feeling of exploitation or under-appreciation from the altruistic surrogates. Moreover, family members might feel pressure to enter into an agreement where compensation doesn’t exist.

These circumstances could possibly have a negative influence on the intended parents’ relations with the surrogate.

In an altruistic surrogacy agreement, the risk of straining your relationship during the pregnancy and after the birth exists. The surrogacy process can be intricate with mutual demands. While the intended parents (IP) endure financial and emotional strain, surrogates equally undergo a lot physically and emotionally.

IPs might withhold fundamental requests relevant to the procedure because they aren’t offering any compensation. On the same note, the surrogate might experience a sense of discomfort and might be concerned about asking their friends or family to cover minor items, which could end up being costly over time.

You’ll need to ask yourself whether the relationship can survive a surrogacy and whether it’s worth the risk.

Out of Pocket Costs for Surrogates

The cost can be a drawback for various reasons. In the case of commercial surrogacy, the surrogate and parent-to-be would have to prove they’re financially stable and capable of participating in the program with a surrogacy agency.

As a result, the parents-to-be must demonstrate the ability to cover medical expenses and other accompanying expenses throughout the process. The surrogate would also need to show that their motive isn’t just the money. In this agreement, the surrogate could incur considerable expenses out of pocket.

Fewer Safeguards

Reputable surrogacy agencies such as Joy of Life® help the surrogate and intended parents navigate through the intricate process. Be aware of protective measures that seek to cover both parties, for instance, psychological screening, background checks, and verification of financial stability. The altruistic surrogacy agreement lacks a third-party objective to safeguard against possible risks.

Although an altruistic surrogacy is a gesture of compassion, it comes with risk. Keep in mind that each situation is distinct and, where some experiences might be picturesque, for others, the risk might outweigh the positive aspects. Whichever option you take, make sure you consult with a professional reproductive attorney to help you determine whether this path is suitable for you.

The Way of Surrogacy at Joy of Life

Surrogacy is a life-changing experience for the parties involved and the IPs should be wary of the possible long-term effects of this procedure.

One of the most significant things to consider when pursuing surrogacy is the legal process. Surrogacy is indeed a satisfying experience for gestational carriers and intentional IPs. Nevertheless, it demands considerable dedication from both parties.

If you were to choose between altruistic and commercial, you’re better off choosing commercial surrogacy, due to the professional services that come with it. It’s just as important to choose the right surrogacy agency.

At Joy of Life®, we seek to help mothers going through the frustration of not conceiving. If you’re thinking of fulfilling your dream of becoming parents in the future, or becoming a surrogate mother yourself, you can turn to our team for expert professional services. Contact us today for more information.

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