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The path to becoming a surrogate mother is profound and unique, offering the incredible gift of parenthood to those who need help to create their own family. For many, surrogacy is a novel concept, brimming with questions and curiosity.

What compels a woman to take this generous step? To gain insight, we turned to the voices of surrogate mothers themselves.

Inside the Surrogate Experience

Each surrogate’s story is as individual as they are, yet many share a common thread: joy in the act of helping another family. Women who choose surrogacy often relish pregnancy’s physical journey — the glow, the baby’s kicks, the anticipation. Though surrogacy may physically resemble their past pregnancies, emotionally, it’s unparalleled.

The sentiment most echoed by surrogates is the deep reward of making family possible for someone else.

“At 4:31 pm I help bring a precious baby boy into the world for a family that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. It was truly an amazingly humbling experience! I will always remember I am thankful to be blessed with the ability to be able to help a couple start a family. Also even more blessed to have a wife who supported me throughout this journey. The wonderful Intended parents at Joy of Life® look to me now more than their surrogate. But now a friend and who also excepted my wife and our daughter some people may only think about the money (and yes it does help), but it’s way bigger than that I want to say thank you to my beautiful wife for being so caring, being my cheerleader through labor as well. And thank you to my Intended parents for also being so supportive and caring to my family and friends for accepting our choice in starting this journey. For the help they have given, I went into labor at 1:30 or 2:00 and delivered at 4:31 pm and pushed for 1.5 hours and it was all worth it and I would do it again.”

– Veronica Santiago, Joy of Life® surrogate

Emotional Dynamics of Surrogacy

The emotional journey of surrogacy is intricate, with many surrogates initially worrying about the potential for attachment to the child they carry. Yet, the experience often reveals a different bond — one that is less about the baby and more about the connection with the intended parents and their shared anticipation.

“The child is special. I am proud that I had the ability and spirit to bring that beautiful life into the world. I felt the same way I did with my own kids, but without the bond that comes with raising and nurturing them. But I’m in touch with the parents and get to watch her grow up.”

– A Joy of Life® surrogate

The Rewards of Surrogacy

For both the parents and the surrogate, surrogacy culminates in profound joy. It completes a family for the parents, while surrogates take pride in their integral role.

“This journey changed my life in so many positive ways. Aside from the financial gain that we are experiencing, we have been able to positively educate people on surrogacy and teach our children the act of giving. Being able to help give something to someone is a wonderful feeling.”

– Another Joy of Life® surrogate

Explore Surrogacy in California

Interested in learning more about this life-changing journey? Our community of former surrogates and intended parents is here to share their experiences and support your journey.

Hear more from our past surrogates or take the first step to becoming a surrogate mother by applying today.

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