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Are you a potential surrogate mother looking for surrogacy-friendly states? When it comes to surrogacy, not all 50 states see eye-to-eye on the matter. With some states even imposing hefty fines on intending parents and women who engage in the practice. Joy of Life® prides itself on providing information to anyone interested to learn more about surrogacy with accurate information so they can make decisions from an informed point of view.

California Is a Surrogate-Friendly State

California is by far the leading surrogacy-friendly state in the country. In fact, the state adopted surrogacy laws in 2013 and they are fully outlined in the California Family Code Section 7960. These laws equally protect both same-sex and opposite-sex couples who desire starting a family. This makes California one of the preferred states for entering into a surrogacy arrangement.

Importance of Surrogate Mother California Attorney

The surrogate mother in California, whether she is someone the intended parents know personally or a stranger who they have matched with, still needs to be protected legally. This means that she must engage the services of an attorney – preferably one specialized in surrogacy prior to starting the surrogacy process. In this way, she can receive unbiased legal representation from an attorney of her choosing. The lawyer will talk her through the various legal implications and scenarios that may play out during the process.

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Creating Clear Contracts for Both Parties

Before starting any medical procedures, both the intended parents and the surrogate mother must discuss the legal implications of entering into such an arrangement with separate attorneys. Once they understand the legal side of things the lawyers can proceed to establish a surrogacy contract. This contract details:

  • When the surrogacy arrangement will go into effect
  • The names of the egg and sperm donors
  • Who the intended parents are by name
  • Surrogacy compensation plans and amounts
  • Pre-birth orders as well as addressing solutions to pregnancy complications

This legally binding document will govern your relationship with the intended parents and charts out the course of action to be taken should difficulties arise during the pregnancy.

Benefits of Using a Reputable Agency

Surrogacy is a journey that requires the surrogate mother and intended parents to be well-informed. Having the support of a reputable agency such as Joy of Life® makes understanding the process and getting legal assistance easier. Get in touch with us for more information regarding surrogacy in California.


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