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Are you tired of sifting through countless websites and forums searching for reliable information and support for your fertility journey? At Joy of Life® surrogacy clinic, we know how overwhelming a fertility journey can be. From IVF, matching with a suitable surrogate in California and negotiating surrogate mother pay, the process can leave you feeling confused and isolated. That’s why we’ve scoured the internet for the five very best fertility podcasts of 2023.

1. Big Fat Negative

Emma Forsyth Haslett and Gabriella Griffith, two prominent journalists, co-host the Big Fat Negative fertility podcast, which has garnered immense praise in its high ratings. Covering a range of infertility and assisted reproduction topics, this podcast offers a candid and personal perspective on the challenges and triumphs of trying to conceive. The hosts share their own stories and interview a variety of guests, including fertility experts, advocates, and other individuals who have gone through fertility treatments.

2. The Fertility Warriors

The Fertility Warriors podcast, hosted by fertility coach Robyn Birkin, is an informative resource for individuals struggling with infertility. Birkin, who has personally experienced infertility and IVF, offers a unique perspective as a coach and advocate for those on a similar journey. Every episode of her podcast offers heartfelt experiences and conversations with fertility specialists.

3. Creating a Family

Another comprehensive and informative podcast, Creating a Family is the perfect match for individuals who are exploring their fertility options. Hosts Dawn Davenport and Ellen Glazer, two renowned experts in infertility and adoption, offer thoughtful conversations with guests on topics ranging from infertility to IVF and the legal side of surrogacy, and surrogate mother pay.

4. Fertility Docs Uncensored

The Fertility Docs Uncensored podcast is an in-depth exploration of fertility treatments and reproductive health. Listeners can expect to hear interviews with medical professionals, advocates, and patients, as well as discussions of the latest medical advances.

5. Fertility Friday Radio

Finally, if you’re looking for a podcast that provides informative, actionable advice on improving your fertility health, Fertility Friday Radio is a perfect choice. Hosted by fertility awareness educator, Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, this show debunks myths and offers helpful strategies on everything from hormone-free birth control to managing stress and optimizing nutrition.

Knowledge Is Power

Whether you’re looking for expert advice or a supportive community, there’s something to help in your journey to parenthood. If you need more resources on topics like surrogate mother pay in California or other legal aspects of surrogacy, contact Joy of Life® today!

Our team is ready to partner with you and answer any questions about finding a surrogate in California so you can make informed decisions on your path toward realizing your dream.

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