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Telling Your Child About Surrogacy

Are you preparing to discuss your child’s origin story with them? It can be a challenging and confusing topic, no matter when the time comes. If you’ve decided to share the experience of your surrogacy journey with your young child, we can help you find a comfortable place to start.
Many children who learn they were born through surrogacy express a desire to meet their surrogate mothers. This is a personal choice and something you should be ready to discuss with your child as they discover how they were born


To Your Future Child

We love you so very much. We have something we would like to tell you, something you might find surprising.

You took a very magical journey to be our baby.

When we decided to bring you into our lives, we needed to get some help. Sometimes, parents need an extra mommy to help carry their baby, so we began to look for the most wonderful extra mommy we could. This is called surrogacy.

We were lucky to find the perfect surrogate mommy to help you grow healthy and strong! With lots of help from professional people and doctors, you grew in her belly. We were there at every moment, and the first day we got to hear your heartbeat, we knew our lives had changed forever.

You were loved by so many along the way.

From the surrogate mommy and her family, to the agency that helped us become your parents, your existence was an occasion to be celebrated! So many doctors watched you grow, and they smiled. When we got the call that you were about to be born, we said your name over and over, and we cheered.

Seeing you come into the world was the best day of our lives.

Our dream of having a family came true, and you became ours. While this might be different from how some of your friends were born, it means you will be surrounded by extra love for the rest of your life.

We are so fortunate to be your parents. We will always be here to answer your questions and know you’ll always be brave enough to ask.

All our love,