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Due to the COVID-19 epidemic in the United States, all states have remained on pause with the stay-at-home order. All non-essential workers are directed to work from home, and everyone is required to wear a face-covering and maintain a 6-foot distance from others in public. Joy of Life® carefully follows the government suggested procedures to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 period. To better accommodate our surrogate candidates during this COVID-19 epidemic, we have set up the following 8 steps of procedures. These 8 steps of procedures make the whole pregnancy period more enjoyable and convenient.
1.Application submitted online by the surrogate candidate. (contact-free)
2.The surrogate candidate would have an intake call with Joy of Life®. (contact-free)
3.Joy of Life® prepares the surrogate candidate profile to intended parents. (contact-free)
4.The surrogate candidate would have a video call with the intended parents. (contact-free)
5.Once intended parents confirm after step 4, the surrogate candidate will have a video consultation with the assigned doctor. (contact-free)
6.Then the surrogate candidate will complete phycologist consultation. (contact-free)
7.After all the previous steps go through, the surrogate candidate will complete a physical exam. The case manager would be in presence if it is allowed by the doctor. Otherwise, the case manager would offer a ride for the surrogate candidate, providing her surgical face mask and hand sanitizer for protection and wait outside for the physical exam.
8.Lastly, surrogate and Joy of Life® would go through law and business contracts. (contact-free)
Strict sanitation procedures have been set at Joy of Life® to minimize the risks during the COVID-19 epidemic. We have prepared a great amount of hand sanitizer, surgical face masks, protection goggles, disposable gloves, snacks, and small gifts for all surrogate candidates. In addition, the clinic has been sanitized inside-out more frequently to ensure the safety of everyone. The clinic also has limited human interactions to a minimum by keeping only one staff at the front desk. All surrogate candidates have different time windows for checkups to avoid physical interactions and minimize the risk of social gathering.
Joy of Life® has been taking safety precautions and procedures to ensure the safety of all surrogate candidates during the epidemic. We care about all surrogate candidates as our family. Our case managers are always there to help surrogate candidates during the whole application process. We are always there for the surrogate candidates, physically and mentally, during notarization, vaccination, and all other procedures needed to accompany presence. Our priority is everyone’s safety and well-being, Joy of Life® will continue to provide the best services under the current circumstance!